Album Release on January 20, 2023

Becoming a mother is an incredible experience that changes your life forever. Beyond the difficult moments that can occur, there is no greater joy than rediscovering the world together through the eyes of your child. But being a mother also requires a total commitment to a soul that needs security, presence and love. It has taken me a while to devote myself to other things, but it is finally official: my second Focus Natural baby is going to be out on 20 January this year. Yes, it’s a bit like another small birth!

Our release concert will be recorded by the Radio Svizzera italiana (RSI) and be part of the Jazz Winter Meeting Series:

>>>> January 20, 2023, 19:30 @ Jazz in Bess Lugano (CH)

Many many thanks to Valentin Martel for the beautifull artwork, Matt Branger aka Dsu Ranger for the amazing video, Noé Franklé for the excellent production (recording, mixing and mastering), the collective of La Maison-Matrice for having hosted our residency and our recording session, family & friends for their love & support, and of course the amazing musicians with whom I am sharing this beautifull musical journey: Domenic Landolf (ten sax & bass cl.), Malcolm Braff (rhodes/piano) Marion Ruault (double bass) and Diego Pinera (drums)

FOCUS NATURAL by Linda Jozefowski Quintet is a jazz album recorded under special conditions in spring 2020. It’s a mix between jazz, afro and experimenting with rhythm where creativity and focus are flowing totally natural

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