Archives #1: Afrodite – Madajazzcar 2013

I’ve spent the last 2 years having a good breack from the music scene. Searching in my old archives I found here a good stuff to share. An unforgettable concert with such open hearted musicians from Madagascar!

Thanks to : Sanda Ranaivosoa (guit), Sitaraka Ranaivosoa (drums) & Jax Ravel (bass)

Madajazzcar Festival 2013

Have a nice listening!

2 responses to “Archives #1: Afrodite – Madajazzcar 2013

  1. very nice thank you ❤


  2. Andre Angelo

    wow! what a blessing. thank you so much a break from the scene but not the instrument i trust a break from the city may be transformational with inspiration happy to host your next holliday break over here i have a cozy quiet (except the chickens sometimes 🙂 place with a pullout couch or outdoor covered hammock and some food to offer 10-15 minutes walk to a wonderful beach cove i haven’t owned an auto in 6 years and i love it but there is always the rental option if you want to explore or have more freedom to roam i mainly take a bike on the buss if i want to go further i don’t want to twist your arm but if you can swing it over here you know this is the spot to regenerize haha much love


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