She’s Got Jazz 2019, Berlin

I had the very chance to be playing lately with many amazing female musicians during spring of this year. The Werkstatt der Kulturen Berlin organized a Serie of Concerts called “She’s Got Jazz”, featuring and bringing togheter female musicians of the Berlin’s scene.
This is one of the 5 concerts in which I was involved, featuring Marion Ruault (Double Bass), Rieko Okuda (piano) and Ria Rother (drum).

Archives #1: Afrodite – Madajazzcar 2013

I’ve spent the last 2 years having a good breack from the music scene. Searching in my old archives I found here a good stuff to share. An unforgettable concert with such open hearted musicians from Madagascar!

Thanks to : Sanda Ranaivosoa (guit), Sitaraka Ranaivosoa (drums) & Jax Ravel (bass)

Madajazzcar Festival 2013

Have a nice listening!

Book of Changes – a musical point of view

I spent the last weeks into the study of the Book of Changes and I found out some interesting relationships between this system and the musical systhem. The I-ching (book of changes) is an ancient chinese divinatory tool used in the court of the kings of China, based on 64 signs, each of them contains a sort of archetipical situation. The way of picking up a sign is very connected to the phaenomena of synchronicity between you, your mind, here and now.. (see Calr Gustav Jung) so if you have a deep question to ask directly to the Universe, you have some probability to get a deep answer.

I’ll invite you all to hear my musical interpretation of some of the 64 hexagrams of the I-Ching transposed to music.

This event will be part of the Greenhouse go Upperground Open Studio Days on the 29 of december 2015, 1st floor, room 106. Gottlieb-Dunkel Str 43-44, Berlin

Next Concerts and Recording Album of The KDK

I am very happy to announce our next concerts with the Kenneth Dahl Knudsen Orchestra, a very emotionally intense and powerfull musical experience composed by the danish bassist. I hope to see you at our next concerts:

27-28 Nov: B-Flat, Berlin

29 Nov: Zehdenik, Berlin


This is the most peacefull composition i ever played, and is part of my solo project. Peace to All Beings. Enjoy the music.

Out-Side / TikOgO feat. Linda Jozefowski

Great to work with beat maker and producer tikOgO in Berlin. New song featuring my new unpublished yet composition:

Check out tikOgO’s music:

Die Einfuhr / EXP SOLO (flute&effekts)

This is “Die Einfuhr”, experimental music by Linduska (flute&effects)
Recorded in the 8th floor of the Greenhouse Berlin, on June 2015.


New project in Berlin. It has to grow. Check it out:

Amir ElSaffar & Zafer Tawil @ The Greenhouse Berlin

It’s been amazing to be invited to play with Amir ElSaffar (trumpet, santur & voice) and Zafer Tawil (daf) . Nice iranian traditional music! Here is the recording of the concert that they gave in the Greenhouse on the 12 of June 2015 by The Gumbo:

Kenneth Dahl Knudsen Orchestra on Tour (January 2015)

I’m so glad to be part of the Kenneth Dahl Knudsen Orchestra! These are “Dapo” and “A Merry Song”, 2 of the bassist’s beautiful compositions. Recorded during our tour in Danemark on the 29 of January in Aalborg.

Check Out Kenneth Dahl Knudsen: