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Dear Friends,

4 days left to the official release of my album Focus Natural!

On this friday, January 20, 2023, we will have our release concert at Jazz in Bess, Lugano, Switzerland!

Did you know? You can preorder the CD and have it before it comes out. Have a look here:

Focus Natural by Linda Jozefowski

Album Release on January 20, 2023

Becoming a mother is an incredible experience that changes your life forever. Beyond the difficult moments that can occur, there is no greater joy than rediscovering the world together through the eyes of your child. But being a mother also requires a total commitment to a soul that needs security, presence and love. It has taken me a while to devote myself to other things, but it is finally official: my second Focus Natural baby is going to be out on 20 January this year. Yes, it’s a bit like another small birth!

Our release concert will be recorded by the Radio Svizzera italiana (RSI) and be part of the Jazz Winter Meeting Series:

>>>> January 20, 2023, 19:30 @ Jazz in Bess Lugano (CH)

Many many thanks to Valentin Martel for the beautifull artwork, Matt Branger aka Dsu Ranger for the amazing video, Noé Franklé for the excellent production (recording, mixing and mastering), the collective of La Maison-Matrice for having hosted our residency and our recording session, family & friends for their love & support, and of course the amazing musicians with whom I am sharing this beautifull musical journey: Domenic Landolf (ten sax & bass cl.), Malcolm Braff (rhodes/piano) Marion Ruault (double bass) and Diego Pinera (drums)

FOCUS NATURAL by Linda Jozefowski Quintet is a jazz album recorded under special conditions in spring 2020. It’s a mix between jazz, afro and experimenting with rhythm where creativity and focus are flowing totally natural

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New Single by Polilogue from Sila

The new single from Polilogue from Sila is out now. My friend Kevin Bucket asked me to play the flute on that song. I love so much this track and I enjoyed so much solo on it! Have a listen to this late back groove and to the beautifull voice of Laurène Pierre-Magnani:

New album coming soon!

This year 2020 I did something really cool: I recorded my second album called FOCUS NATURAL! This happened in a lovely place called Les Suites Du Pantographe in Crémines (Swiss Jura), with amazing musicians at my side. Two specialists in the field of rhythmic exploration made it groove amazingly: swiss pianist Malcolm Braff and Berlin based drummer Diego Pinera. French bassist Marion Ruault brought to the music the earthly and grooving vibe, while the bautifull lines of saxophonist and bass clarinettist Domenic Landolf gave a further interesting layer to the whole. 

Now I’m workin on the release!

Thanks to Mat Branger for the great video:

She’s Got Jazz 2019, Berlin

I had the very chance to be playing lately with many amazing female musicians during spring of this year. The Werkstatt der Kulturen Berlin organized a Serie of Concerts called “She’s Got Jazz”, featuring and bringing togheter female musicians of the Berlin’s scene.
This is one of the 5 concerts in which I was involved, featuring Marion Ruault (Double Bass), Rieko Okuda (piano) and Ria Rother (drum).

Archives #1: Afrodite – Madajazzcar 2013

I’ve spent the last 2 years having a good breack from the music scene. Searching in my old archives I found here a good stuff to share. An unforgettable concert with such open hearted musicians from Madagascar!

Thanks to : Sanda Ranaivosoa (guit), Sitaraka Ranaivosoa (drums) & Jax Ravel (bass)

Madajazzcar Festival 2013

Have a nice listening!

Book of Changes – a musical point of view

I spent the last weeks into the study of the Book of Changes and I found out some interesting relationships between this system and the musical systhem. The I-ching (book of changes) is an ancient chinese divinatory tool used in the court of the kings of China, based on 64 signs, each of them contains a sort of archetipical situation. The way of picking up a sign is very connected to the phaenomena of synchronicity between you, your mind, here and now.. (see Calr Gustav Jung) so if you have a deep question to ask directly to the Universe, you have some probability to get a deep answer.

I’ll invite you all to hear my musical interpretation of some of the 64 hexagrams of the I-Ching transposed to music.

This event will be part of the Greenhouse go Upperground Open Studio Days on the 29 of december 2015, 1st floor, room 106. Gottlieb-Dunkel Str 43-44, Berlin

Next Concerts and Recording Album of The KDK

I am very happy to announce our next concerts with the Kenneth Dahl Knudsen Orchestra, a very emotionally intense and powerfull musical experience composed by the danish bassist. I hope to see you at our next concerts:

27-28 Nov: B-Flat, Berlin

29 Nov: Zehdenik, Berlin


This is the most peacefull composition i ever played, and is part of my solo project. Peace to All Beings. Enjoy the music.

Out-Side / TikOgO feat. Linda Jozefowski

Great to work with beat maker and producer tikOgO in Berlin. New song featuring my new unpublished yet composition:

Check out tikOgO’s music: