“The Linda Jozefowski new album For My Dead Folks is an example of the interest that  newcomers reserve to “classical” sounds, with stamps and compositional structures very close to  cool sensitivity. Of course the flute is special “voice of jazz”. That’s Jozefowski integrates itself very well into the sound of his group and reminds me a little ‘, and pleasantly, some recordings with Chick Corea with Joe Farrell of the first seventies.”                                                                      Alessandro Zanoli, Azione, december 2011

“(…) Linda Jozefowski combines to the airy sound of the flute some bluesy inflections that reminds me Frank Wess. The vibraphone played by Jean-Lou Treboux is a great addition and the result is light and clear. Maxence Sibille combines these elements always simple to follow the soloist in his impulses. (…) The measures do not dogmatically follow only one signature, but know how to change in a pointing time, and can be Latin or funk. Each piece has its own character; intelligent and effective compositions make legible complex elements.”                      Nicolas Lambert, Viva la Musica (No 328), january 2012

“This CD contains some vivid and at times complex jazz. Flutist Linda Jozefowski leads a quartet with an interesting sound palette – the expected piano is replaced by a vibraphone (Jean-Lou Treboux). The compositions could evoke Moe Kofmann, but Jozefowski’s playing is more fluid and nuanced than the old Canadian master.
”                                                                                                   François Couture, Monsieur Délire,

“Since the first notes, I had been taken by the energy of this music. The vibraphone gives a such of lightness that wouldn’t give the piano. It’s only when the music can speak to our souls with his methalanguage, it become worthy of interest, and it’s all the pleasure that procures Linda’s music. Short, dense, rich and worthy of listening. ”                                                                                    Guillaume Lagrée, Le Jars Jase Jazz (,  24.1.2012


Excerpt from the YvesDorison’ article, after the La Velle’s performance in Chorus Jazz Club, Lausanne

“…As on the recording, was present with these gentlemen versed in all situations, the joung flute player Linda Jozefowski, who was able to brilliantly succeed at the game under the complicit eye of La Velle….”

“… As for Linda Jozefowski, she took advantage of the kindness of his companions to deliver aptly strong melodic lines, demonstrating a great sense of rythm placement….”

Yves Dorison, from the blog, march 2010




AMR 328 NOV 2011