past concerts 2013


january 16 & 17 : Bei Ernst, Berlin (NEW TRIO)
february 16: TED, Berlin, w/Kenneth Dalh & Malte Schiller
february 24: Werkstatt der Kulturen, Berlin (NEW TRIO)
march 31: Waldo Bar, Berlin (NEW TRIO)
april 4: B-Flat, Berlin (NEW TRIO)
mai 25: Shangl Hangl, Berlin (NEW TRIO)
mai 29: Kino Zukunft, Berlin (NEW TRIO)
mai 31: Peppi’s Guggenheim, Berlin, AYATETT
june 2: Circus Hotel, Berlin, w/ Giuseppe Bottiglieri & Giovanni Perin
june 5: Emmaus Kirche, Berlin, AYATETT
june 8: Werkstatt de Kulturen, Berlin (NEW TRIO)
june 15: Richard’s Kirche, Berlin, AYATETT
june 24: Studio Recording for Virgil Sedal, Berlin
june 29: Mitte, Berlin, w/ Thomas Walter
August 10, 2013: Festival Musicalété Annemasse (F)
September 7, 2013: Artist Meeting Point, Berlin (D)
September 14, 2013: Shangl Hangl, Berlin (D)
October 5, 2013: Théâtre de Verdure, Tana, Madagascar
October 8, 2013: Cercle Germano-Malagasy (CGM), Tana, Madagascar
Octobre 10,2013: Workshop on Odd Rhythms (CGM), Tana, Madagascar
Octobre 10, 2013: Kudeta Carlton, Tana, Madagascar
Octobre 11, 2013: Tana Art’s Café, Tana, Madagascar (feat. Olivier Hutman)
Octobre 12, 2013: Théâtre de Verdure, Tana, Madagascar (Sarah Lazarus)


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