Valentin Schuster – drum

Valentin Schuster – drums

valentin 3




Valentin Schuster was born in 1986 in a small town in the North of Austria. After taking drums and piano lessons at the local music school he entered the University of Arts in Graz to study Jazz with teachers like Howard Curtis, Ed Partyka, Ed  Neumeister or Wayne Darling.

In 2009 he got the KUG scholarship and in 2011 the KUG  Appreciation Award.  In June          2011 he graduated as “Master Of Arts” with distinction. In 2010 he participated at the IASJ-Meeting in Den Haag.

He participated at many workshop with Dave Liebman, Nguyen Lê, Jim Black, JoJo Mayer, Thomas Lang, Adam Nussbaum, Jimmy Cobb,  Billy Hart,… but in 2011 he also became co-organisator of the „Nordic Grooves“ Workshopsin Heidenreichstein, NÖ.

Valentin Schuster appeared on the scene with many talented musicians such as Bob Brookmeyer, Don Menza, Fritz Pauer, Juan Garcia-Herreros, Klaus Dickbauer, Jim McNeely,… He also performed all over Europe and China with several bands like Edi Nulz, aura:L sculptures, Skin Ban, The Snow Owl Trio and many more.

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