Maxence Sibille

Maxence Sibille started the music at 4, then he started taking drums lessons at the Annemasse Municipal Conservatory. He entered the ETM (Ecole des Musiques Actuelles) of Geneva, to obtain a professional diploma.

He entered the courses of the Haute Ecole de Musique Lausanne (HEMu) in 2006, in the class of Marcel Papaux, obtaining a Bachelor in Jazz in 2010. At the same time he follows some lessons at the CMDL (Didier Lockwood’s Music Center), where he works with musician such as André Charlier, Benoît Sourisse,  Olivier Louvel, Pierre Perchaud

Actually he is at the second year of  Master in  « Jazz Performance » in Lausanne.

Maxence Sibille worked with musicians such as Simon Goubert, Franck Agulhon, Loïc Pontieux, to ease his thirst of knowledge.

Member of many groupes of different styles (rock, funk, hip-hop, jazz) he’s played in many festivals such as in  Bern, Fribourg, Cully, Montreux, Verbier, Lugano, Vienne, Paléo Festival (Nyon), and  Rock’Oz Arènes (Avenches). But through his concerts he had the chance to travel and play also in Germany, Roumanie, Tadjikistan, Algery and China.

Actually he’s performing as a sideman with different projects such as : Trip In; Christophe Godin; Jean Lou Tréboux 5tet; Van Essche 4tet; Stéphano Saccon 5tet; Bluz Broz Buzz; Fluxius, but also with Flavio Boltro, Malcolm Braff, François Lindemann, Matthieu Michel, Moncef Genoud,  Dider Lockwood, Thomas Enhco, Robert Bonisolo, Patrick Muller, George Robert Jazz Orchestra, Mike Westbrook Orchestra, Marc Mean, Thierry Giraud, Eric Truffaz

He recorded with Noa Neal and Christophe Godin (2005); Pierre D’Oly (2006); Mike Westbrook Orchestra “Live au Mehrspur” (2007); Trip in « Autre Language »( 2008); Van Essche 4tet « Color Change » (2009); Jean Lou Treboux 5tet « December Rain » (2010).