Kenneth Dahl Knudsen – double bass

Kenneth Dahl Knudsen – double basskenneth


Kenneth Dahl Knudsen is 28 years old and lives in Berlin.  He grew up in the small town Arden near Aalborg with a strong interest in music and has taken part in music classes there from 1994 – 1998. Quickly the bass became his favored instrument.

Interaction with other musicians was appealing to Knudsen and together with fellow young artists, he majored in music in high school (2004 – 2007).
After graduating he completed the basic course in music in Aalborg and was honored the Talent Prize of all students 2007. The Music Conservatory in Aalborg became Knudsen’s next goal. After two years of study he took a break to devote himself to his own music with the goal of publishing his album “Clockstopper (2012).

Awards: In 2009 he was a runner-up in Young Jazz Competition, leading the band CrashnBurn.
In 2010 he was awarded “Jazz musician of the year in Northern Denmark” In 2011 he was a finalist in the DPA Jazz composition competition with his tune “The Haze”. In 2012 he was awarded Jazz musician of the year at Sæby Jazzfestival.

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